Sales Enablement Software

Move beyond sales and improve revenue at every stage of the customer journey, with the only sales enablement software built specifically for Salesforce.

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Understand the complete picture and tailor your customer’s journey more precisely

Data Dwell combines powerful content consumption data with comprehensive customer analytics in Salesforce to give you the full picture. It delivers actionable insights for every department to create a seamless experience for your prospects, using Personalized Digital Salesrooms to share more relevant, more engaging, more effective content at every stage of the customer journey.

  • Track Engagement

    Data Dwell's bespoke content reports give you comprehensive insights into customer behavior by tracking content engagement metrics like pages viewed, minutes watched and number of forwards. When you can identify the strongest buying signals, your sales team can approach leads at their most interested and secure that deal.

  • Share Feedback

    With full transparency and complete insight into content engagement, your sales and marketing teams can work closely together sharing feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Sales can request specific assets from Marketing and Marketing can position content they know will be effective in specific sales funnels.

  • Improve Content

    When Sales and Marketing are on the same page, working with accurate, comprehensive data, you’ll improve every single piece of content produced. You’ll stop wasting time on ineffective content types and create more relevant, more personalized, more effective content for your customers.

Sales Enablement


Per user, per month (Min 10 users)

  1. Content usage tracking
  2. Unlimited Personalized Client Portals
  3. Granular content analytics
  4. Personalized customer journeys
  5. Engagement scoring
  6. Content engagement notifications
  7. Easy sales opportunity prioritization
  8. Content ROI dashboards
  9. Content library in Salesforce
  10. Reporting and dashboards in Salesforce
  11. Content Tailoring on the record page
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  • Marketing Teams

    Track exactly how each content piece performs and discover precise content ROIs. Eliminate mid-funnel bottlenecks caused by ineffective or unshared content. Make smarter, data-driven decisions on all content creation.

  • Sales Teams

    Get automatic recommendations on the most relevant content to share based on prospect personas. Create more engaging and more personalized buying experiences. Discover exactly which types of content help you convert.

  • Customer Success

    See which content has already been shared with customers. Request specific content types from marketing and share with customers at every relevant touchpoint. Improve your upsell and cross sell results with more precise content.

Work the way you want with Data Dwell’s seamless integrations

The #1 Salesforce-dedicated sales enablement software for full visibility over used and shared content

Data Dwell Sales Enablement is the only software designed FOR Salesforce and built IN Salesforce

Marketing teams promote the most relevant content directly to any object in Salesforce (Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Cases, and more). Sales Teams share relevant content with prospects through Personalized Client Portals, and track engagement. All without ever leaving Salesforce.

Implementation is clean and straightforward, with out-of-the-box executive reporting and a hyper-intuitive platform that any Salesforce admin, marketer, or sales rep can use to accelerate the sales process

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Unlock the potential of your CRM with valuable insights

Data Dwell Sales Enablement integrates with the tools that you already use, and is native in Salesforce, so there is no integration required, and data compliance is guaranteed by default.

  • Track content based on any record in Salesforce
  • Uncover previously hidden buyer behavior with activity tracking and alerts
  • Get out-of-the-box reporting in Salesforce Reports and Dashboards
  • Access the most comprehensive content analytics to determine which content is working and where