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Transform your pipeline processes, deploy the latest engagement tracking and convert more prospects with advanced sales enablement technology from Data Dwell.

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  • Right content

    Share all types of highly personalized, highly relevant content in your sales funnel
  • Right place

    Automatically position your content at the most effective stages of the customer journey
  • Right prospects

    Identify which leads are engaging and seamlessly share the information they need
  • Right time

    Get notified when a prospect is interested and ready to buy, so you never miss an opportunity

Why choose Data Dwell to transform sales for your high tech company?

Differentiate yourself from the competition with highly targeted content

Sales enablement software like Data Dwell helps high tech companies in every industry organize and align their marketing and sales content in the most efficient way possible. Personalize every type of content to the prospect you’re selling to and deliver a seamless customer experience throughout your entire sales funnel (and beyond).

Streamline and customise your mid-funnel sales

Your industry is fast paced and highly competitive, and your sales reps need the most advanced tech to engage your prospects. Data Dwell’s sales enablement software advances your personalized customer journeys to a level above your competitors. It fits seamlessly into your existing sales processes and pipelines to immediately improve efficiencies.

Slash the time it takes to find the content you need

Data Dwell gives you all the tools you need to assign the most relevant content for every circumstance, reducing the time your account executives waste searching for the right content. Rich, always evolving content like case studies, product demos, whitepapers and more - positioned based on stage, vertical, persona or any other factor your organization prioritizes.

Remove the guesswork from prospect interactions and intentions

Data Dwell uses advanced engagement scoring across every piece of content so you can see who’s reading, who’s sharing and who’s most likely to buy. Get real time insights into which assets are piquing which prospects’ interest. Distinguish genuine buying signals from those just ‘browsing’. Act fast and beat the competition with instant notifications about the hottest leads.

Improve post-sales processes with Personalized Client Portals

Data Dwell doesn’t just support your sales processes. Personalized Client Portals help onboarding teams manage the needs of multiple stakeholders, sharing documents and assets directly from your Salesforce CRM. Maintain full control of your shared content to protect sensitive information, and avoid bottlenecks by tracking which assets have been accessed (and which haven’t).

Deliver customer success across your entire high tech organization

Your business thrives on the latest technologies. Data Dwell’s software takes sales enablement even further, driving revenue across your organization. Track which content is used during sales, onboarding and retention. Pinpoint what drives conversions, up-sellling and cross-selling. And turn your prospects into life-long customer advocates with revenue enablement software that aligns content to make sure customer needs are always met.

Access real-time buyer insights, improve your pipeline with automatic content positioning and personalize your entire customer journey more efficiently with Data Dwell’s high tech sales enablement software.

Salesforce Native – The #1 option for leading high tech organizations

If your organization uses Salesforce as part of your daily workflows, Data Dwell is the perfect choice for your sales enablement platform. We’re the fully native Salesforce application. Directly integrating into your CRM, we deliver out-of-the-box reporting, instant insights and seamless content alignment for your sales funnel.

  • No more email attachments

    Forget bulky, unsafe email attachments that often get blocked, ignored, or lost in a prospect’s inbox. Share trackable content and monitor engagement.

  • No more irrelevant content

    Forget generic case studies, pages of unnecessary product information and pointless whitepapers. Share personalised content that actually converts.

  • No more missed opportunities

    Forget time wasting leads and focus on profitable prospects. Find blind spots, identify those forgotten about and act quickly when the time is right.

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